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The Dividing Line
Haugh Performing Arts Center

Haugh Performing Arts Center

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Citrus College Theatre Arts Department
presents a new screenplay adapted for the digital stage

The Dividing Line
by Caitlin Griffin

Directed by Neil H. Weiss

ON-DEMAND for the month of July on YouTube!

Darden Lawrence is the best architect at her firm, but being a woman, her work goes unrecognized. When World War II breaks out, she enlists in the Army as a draftsman, designing permanent defense facilities and temporary mobilization buildings. As American forces invade Europe, strategic bombing raids intensify, causing collateral damage that destroys architectural landmarks, historic monuments, and museums housing great works of art. Threatened by Nazi occupation and the devastating destruction of the ally’s advance, Darden is charged with saving Europe’s greatest cultural achievements. She is re-assigned as a soldier of the Monuments Fine Arts and Archives division and embedded with Fox Company, a frontline army unit tasked with invading Italy. It’s on these frontlines where she challenges the fundamental traditions of warfare and what it means to fight. The Dividing Line puts the audience front and center of the 20th Century’s greatest military event and asks the question, what side are you on? Not just in war, but in life? Are you an enemy or an ally?​




Did you know you can watch this event on your television through any streaming device (Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.)?  Just open the YouTube app and search for "CITRUS COLLEGE THEATRE ARTS PRESENTS THE DIVIDING LINE​" (You probably won't have to enter the whole title.)  One of the ​video selections in the results will be this presentation.  Select and enjoy!

This performance is FREE!

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